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Who We Are

Over ten years experience serving our clients needs.
Mech-Italy is a group of companies specialized and recognised in complimentary sectors for the mechanical division, where their union offer an integrated high-quality service.
Joining their forces, presenting themselves as one realty, increased to the quality and flexibility distinctive feature of a small medium enterprise added to the innovative and production capacity typical of big industries are the main strength points of Mech-Italy network.
The experience gained, the specific competences and the ability in supporting the client from the creation stage until the production phase.




We create opportunities!
We look forward to the same aim!
Mech-Italy proposes itself on the market as a problem-solver, able to offer innovative answers thanks to the latest technologies owned and to the ability of sharing each know-how owned by the single companies.
A synergic system able to guarantee a convenient and economical advantage to the final client which, from today, will have to face with only one spoke person even in the case of elaborated and complex makings.

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